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How to Produce Exam Candidate Desk Labels

Exams Officers can use this guide to print off Candidate Labels, these are the cards or labels that are placed on Exam Candidates desks to identify the Candidate, these labels can be in 2 different formats;

For both these labels if you want to be able to include a candidate photo on the label you need to set the labels to a page to 8 – Avery L7165

Access: the minimum permissions required to access Examination Reports are found in the Examination Module from Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions


For other built in Examination reports see How to View Exam Reports

Candidate Labels

Candidate Labels can be used throughout an exam season as they don’t show any exam paper information.

Candidate Label Example

Note: In the above example we have chosen to Display Special Candidate Notes.

Note: RDR at the bottom left of the label, in this example this is the code for Reader ET defined in Config>Examinations>Special Candidate Requirements.

See also: How to Manage Special Candidates.

Go to Reports>Examinations>Candidate Labels

Candidate Labels Pathway
Select by Candidate

Choose to Select by Candidate, Exam Option or Session.

If required tick to filter to Special Candidate Requirements to only produce Candidate Labels for the Candidates with the selected Special Requirements.

Print Parameters;

  • Name Format : click on the drop down to choose either;
  • Labels to a page : click on the drop down to choose either ;
  • Print Order: click on the drop down to choose either;

If required tick to Display Special Candidate Notes and tick to Include Candidate Photos

In order to tick Include Candidate Photos the labels to page must be set to 8-Avery L7165

Click Preview to Run the Report.

Component Labels

Component Labels are used for a Specific Exam Paper on a Specific Date and can’t be re-used for other Examinations.

Go to Reports>Examinations>Component Labels

Component Labels Pathway

Select by Season and select the Season from the Season drop down.

Then type in a single Component Code and type in a single Candidate Name or click Find to select multiple Component Codes and Candidates.

Select by Season

Select by Session to choose the Exam Date and Time.

Select by Session

If required tick to Include NC Year, Exam Date, Exam Time, Include Candidate Photo ( this will only be selectable if the Labels to a page is set to 8 – Avery L7165) Exam Room and Candidate Seat.

See also: How to Add Exam Rooms/Seat Candidates.

In the Print Parameters area choose the required Name Format, Labels to a page, Print Order and Page Break from the drop downs.

In the example below Select by Season has been chosen, 3 Mathematics Components have been chosen and all Year 11 Candidates have been chosen.

Component Label Report Example

Click Preview to Run the Report.

Below is an example of the output, from here click the Print Icon to Print the Labels.

Component Label Example
Updated on June 21, 2023

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