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How To Configure Registration Options

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

See also: How to Use Register Update Parameters.

This is the Registration Options page. Changes made within this page will affect how the registers are displayed for teaching staff and in some cases what they are able to amend.

Permissions for the Registration Options page is located in Attendance, Maintenance, Registration Options.

From the Menu on the left go to Config select Attendance and Registration Options, or use the Global Search option.

This will open the Registration Option page.

Defaults for Period Durations

  • Include Withdrawal Groups in Timetable – this option will identify any Withdrawal Groups as normal timetabled lessons
  • Include Registration Periods – this option will allow the user to Include the AM and/or PM registration periods within the timetable
  • Sort Class List by Ad. No – this will display the students on the register in admission number order
  • Include Educational Marks in Attendance Calculation – this option will include any educational activity marks as present in the displayed attendance percentage for each student
  • Additional student info restricted to tutors on Registers – this option will prevent any teachers who are not tutors from accessing or viewing any students’ Additional Information

History Options

  • History Alterable – this option allows the attendance history to be amended, but cannot changed to a Present mark unless the Allow History to Present option has been selected
  • Special Tutor History – this will display the attendance for both classes and tutor group for all students who are in that tutor group register
  • Allow History to Present – this option will allow an historical mark to be changed to a present mark, if not selected and a mark is amended to Present a message will be given explaining this is not allowed

Rolling Register Options

  • Display Rolling Registers – this option will display the previously taken registration marks on teachers’ registers. This allows teachers to see previous attendance to see if there is a continuation or if this is a first absence
  • Rolling Register AM/PM Only – this option will display the previously taken registration marks for AM and PM registration only
  • Copy Rolling Register to Current Attendance – this option will allow for the given attendance marks on a previous registration to be copied to the current attendance registration
  • Show Total Late Minutes Today – this option is used to determine whether or not the total amount of late minutes is displayed
  • Default Attendance Mark Protection – this option lets you determine whether or not the Default Attendance Mark for a student is Protected
  • Populate missing registers widget for – will display the information in the Missing Registers Widget for the selection AM/PM Periods, Class Periods or All Periods

Default Reasons for Change

  • Unexplained Absent to Late – this dropdown list lets you determine a default reason as to why a student’s registration mark was changed from Unexplained Absence to Late
  • Unexplained Absent to other absent – this dropdown list lets you determine a default reason as to why a student’s registration mark was changed from Unexplained Absence to a different kind of absence
  • Any Other Change – this dropdown list lets you determine a default reason for the change of any other type of registration mark

Once you have configured these settings to suit your preferences you can save any changes by clicking the Save button

Updated on September 22, 2020

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  1. Hi which user permissions are required to access this? I have them all turned on and still cannot see “Registration Options”

    1. Good Afternoon Abdullah

      Go to Config – Set up – Roles and Permissions.
      Select the role, from the module drop down select Attendance.
      From within attendance you will see maintenance and within maintenance ‘registration options’
      Kind regards

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