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How to Create an On Report Card

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Administrators can use this guide to Create an On Report Card for an individual student within the Student Profile.

  • Report Cards can be printed or downloaded as a Word or Excel Document via Reports>Administration>Student Report Card.
  • Report Card is SetupCreated and Viewed over different modules.
  • To create an On Report card, you must first make sure that you have created On Report Reasons — as this is a required field — before a On Report Card can be saved.
  • Once a student is placed On Report a Red Letter R will appear in all registers for the duration of the On Report next to the student’s name. This is visible in both projector on and projector off mode.
Register Symbol

On Report Reasons

To create On Report Reasons, go to Config > AdministrationLookup Tables.

Create the reasons by selecting New and adding a Name and Description – making sure On Report Reasons is displayed in the dropdown window.

Click the Create button when finished. Repeat for as many reasons as necessary.

Create an On Report Card

You can now create an On Report Card. Go to Students, select the Students.

More than one Student can be selected, but each On Report Card will be created individually.

In the example below 3 students have been selected from the Student List page.

Select Students

Click View

Note there is a Next option as 3 students have been selected

Student Profile – Next

From the Student Profile in the left-hand menu, select Behaviour, then either scroll down to the On Report option or choose On Report from the top right drop down arrow

On Report

Click the blue + icon to create a new On Report Card.

Complete the upper half of the Report Card, editing the Day Start and Day End dates, selecting a Reason from the dropdown list and completing the Description box. If the school does not use AM/PM, deselect this by unticking the Include in AM/PM Registration on the Report Card tick box.

Click the Save button to activate the Report Card.

Below is a sample of an On Report Card, displayed within the record.

The Attendance Marks (Att Mrk) will populate automatically from the Registers taken. Staff will add Comments and give a rating up to 5 stars when completing the Report Card. The Comments and Stars can be edited from within the Report Record if necessary.

The Conclusive Comment can be completed within the On Report Card in the Student record at the end of the On Report period.

Use Quick Reports to report on multiple students who are On Report for a defined date range. See How To Create a Quick Report or alternatively run the Students On Report from Reports>Administration>Students On Report.

From the Home Screen choose Reports>Adhoc>Quick Report

Quick Report Pathway

Maximise the Data Items list on the left hand side by selecting the expand icon then on the Tag column filter by On Report.

Add all the On Report items to the report by clicking the Add Selected Data Items to Table icon.

Click to Save the Report in the required Folder. In this example the Report has been given a Name and Description and has been saved in the Module>Behaviour folder. Inheritance has been set to Inherit Folder Permissions so any member of staff with access to the Behaviour Reports Folder will be able to access this report.

Updated on March 29, 2023

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