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How to Use the Absence Alert

The Absence Alert page is used to add or amend an Absence Alert that will trigger an Alert on the chosen Recipients page.

This function allows the User to send Alerts when a defined Student or Group of Students have been marked Present for a session, then have Absent or no Marks recorded in following sessions on the same Day.

This process is most commonly used for internal truancy in the example a student is marked as present for period 1 and then marked as absent in the next period. The alert is triggered by the absent mark. The process would also trigger in the example the student was marked present for several consecutive periods and then was marked absent.

See also How to Create a Behaviour Event Alert and How to Create a Watchlist

From the left Menu go to Config > Attendance > Absence Alert.

To create an Alert click on the New button.

Complete the Name and Description as required.

  • Select the Students you wish to send Alerts for either by Student, Year Group or Tutor Group
  • Select the Alert Type/s you wish to send to recipients. If only Alert is selected then all Users on the Alert list will receive an Alert
  • Use the Recipients list to select the Role/s you wish to send the Alerts to
  • Use the Specific Selection to Find named members of Staff
  • Complete the Message (using the Dynamic Fields if required)

The Selection List panels will display independently and can be moved to a different position on the screen.

Click the Create button when complete.

When the selected criteria is met the Alert Recipients will receive notification of the Absences.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Absence Alerts page is found in the Attendance Module of Config > Setup > Roles & Permissions.

Absence Alert Permissions


Updated on June 11, 2024

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