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How to Create Mark Sets

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Mark Set is the type of Numeric Grade you wish to enter for example, Standardised Scores or Test Marks.

Hover on the Modules heading on the Toolbar select Assessment and click on Assessment Components.

From the Assessment Components drop down select Marksets.

To create a new Mark Set click on the New button.

Give the Markset a NameDescription and tick the Active Tick box if you want this Markset to be Active.

Under the Marksets Versions section click on the Add button a Version will then be added below.

Click on the Version and then click on the Edit button, this will open the Markset Version Properties page.

Using Minimum Value and Maximum Value set the range of numbers you want to be available for Data Entry, the Colour of the Text and Text Background can be set here as well.

When finished click on the Save button. The Version will now be populated with the entered Range of Numbers.

In Format Style choose either 2 or 3 Colour Scale to show a range of colours when entering the numbers in an Assessment Sheet. In the example below a range has been set of 80 to 120 with the colours set as below.

Updated on September 20, 2021

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