How to Create an Assessment Sheet

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This guide explains the process involved for creating Tracking Templates and assigning Assessment Sheets for Data Entry and viewing of data by Teachers at Student level.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access Assessment is found in the Assessment Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Assessment Permissions

See also How to Lock an Assessment Sheet, How to Manage Incomplete Assessment Sheets and How to Create a Student Broadsheet

Important Note: Before you can create a Tracking Template you need to ensure that you have set up any AssociationsMarksets, Grade Sets and Assessment Types. See here for setting up Assessment Components.

This can be done in Modules>Assessment>Assessment Components.

Columns can also be included for FormulasKey Student Information and Historic Data.

For example if you need to collect Marks from a test or collect regular predictions you would create a Template here for Teachers to view and enter their Grades in Assessment Sheets through Registers and an icon at the top or on their Dashboard Page.

From the left Menu go to Modules >  Assessment  > Manage Templates.

To setup the Tracking Template click on the New button.

This will open the Template Details page.

Name  –  a title for your Sheet for example Year 10 Assessment Data.

Tip: For the Subject Name to show in the Assessment Sheet use square brackets around the title : example Year 10 [Subject] Assessment Data.

Notes  –  a description for your Sheet

Heading  –  which way you want the text to appear in column headings, Horizontal or Vertical

Due Date  –  used to set reminders for Teachers to enter data at a Data Collection Point.

Active  –  mark it Active to make it visible to Teachers or untick so Teachers will not see it, you may wish to leave them hidden until all are completed or until they are ready for Data Entry

Year Group  –  select a Year Group from the dropdown list

Subjects  –  select the Subject from the dropdown list, more than one can be selected. This enables you to create Assessment Sheets for many different Subjects at the same time and it keeps them all in the same format.

Add Columns to the Sheet

SeeAdd Columns for Data Entry

You can change the order that columns are listed by changing the number and clicking Save.

The Properties dropdown list gives the option to make changes for;

  • Assessment Type
  • Term
  • Year Group
  • Subject
  • Hidden
  • Read Only
  • Frozen
  • Colour
  • Text Align
  • Header Text
  • Content Text
  • Width.

Simply select the row or column, select from the Properties dropdown list, then the Value from the Value dropdown list [which will give options relevant to the selection from the Properties dropdown] and click the Apply button.

Select one or more column and select Frozen to position the selected column/s at the beginning of the Assessment Sheet after the student information columns and when scrolling across an Assessment Sheet the Frozen columns remain visible at all times.

Click the Set Fine Assessment button to set for a row.

When selected the Fine Assessment Settings pop-up is displayed for the selected Row.

The Auto Calculate is selected from the dropdown list and can be Disabled, Simple Average, Sum of All Assessments, Best of All Assessments or Weighting, when complete click the Save button.

Then when the Fine Assessment is setup in the Marksheet the selected column will show with an icon and there will be an option to Set Fine Assessment in the right click context menu.

When this is selected the Marksheet changes to show the columns to enter the marks for the questions and the total column (the main Marksheet column) shows at the end, just select go to Marksheet to return to the main sheet.

Important Note: Tick the box below to distribute to all classes/year groups associated with the Template. This will create the Assessment Sheets for the Teachers to see.

Or click Add and search for the Groups you want. For example add Year 11 for a Head of Year Assessment Sheet.

Then click the Save button.

To view the Sheet you have just created select Assessment Sheets List from within the side menu.

Updated on June 15, 2023

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