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How To Make a Running Balance Payment from the Student List

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Payments for Running Balance Clubs can now be added to the Student Account by Admin Staff from the Student List page.

School administrators can use this process if parents have Vouchers by using the payment method ‘Voucher’ this will add funds to the selected accounts so the parents can then book onto the club via MyChildAtSchool

See also How to Manage Existing Orders in MyChildAtSchool and How to Make an Offline Payment for a Club.

From the left Menu go to Students > select one or more Students > Actions > Running Balance Payment.

With one or more Students selected click on the option, this will open a Running Balance Payments pop-up. Select the Club from the Running Balance Club dropdown list, then select all or individual Students, the Payment Method and Amount and click the Apply to Selected button. A Comment can be added by clicking on the blue Comment icon to the right of each row. When finished click on the Save button to keep the pop-up open or the Save & Close to close the pop-up.

Updated on November 9, 2022

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