How to search for Pre-Admission Students

This guide looks at searching for Pre-Admission Students from the Student List page.

If you’ve imported your Pre Admission Students via ATF/CTF, then these are in the MIS as of the planned admission date. 

If you Untick the “Active Date Filter” box from the Student List Page>Search Filters, then you’re seeing ALL Students who were EVER this status (in this example, Pre Admissions) (e.g. last year’s Pre Admission cohort), which is likely not the data you’re looking for, if you’re only trying to see the new intake.

This DOESN’T MEAN THE STUDENTS ARE STILL IN THE PRE ADMISSION GROUP, the UNTICK ACTIVE DATE FILTER will shows Students where they has been in a member of the group as ANY TIME EVER.

Note; If you’ve added the Pre Admission Students manually (i.e. via Students > Search Filters > Preadmission > New,) then these are on the MIS as of the date you put them in, so you wouldn’t need to change the date on the page in order to see them

Access: the minimum permissions required to access the Student List page is found in the Framework>People>Students Module from Config>Set Up>Roles and Permissions


See also Summer 2023 Admissions Guidance

Click on Students on the left to open the Student List Page


Then click on the top right Search Filters

Search Filters

Then change the Status dropdown to Pre-Admission

Change Status

The Student List Page will now show Students who are currently in Pre Admissions Groups.

Updated on June 9, 2023

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