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How to Add Pre-Admission Students using ATF and CTF Imports

 Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This guide has been created to outline to process of Adding Pre-Admission Students to your system using ATF and CTF Imports.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Pre-Admissions page is found in the Administration Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

The permissions for the ATF and CTF imports is found in the Framework Module- Students of Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions

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Setting Up your Pre-Admissions Group

If you have already setup your Pre-Admissions Group, skip to Importing an ATF File.

Select Administration and click on Pre-Admission Groups from within the Admissions menu.

Once on this page, click on New to setup your New Admissions Group.

This will open the Admission Group Definition page.

Complete the information:

  • DoB Range From – To  this is the DoB Range of the Students expected in this Group
    • *if the Students in your file fall outside of this range, they will not be Imported
  • Admission Date – this is the planned Date of Admission – you can change this while your admitting your Students later
  • NC Year Group – this is what National Curriculum Year Group the Students are expected to be in based on the DoB Range set
  • Planned Year Group – this is what Year Group you’re expecting to add the Students in to
  • Year Name – you can manually set this, but if the Auto Generate Name option is selected, it will name the Group based on the Planned Year Group and Admissions Date (e.g. 07-2021)
  • Planned Admission – this is how many Students you’re planning to admit/have in the Planned Year Group
  • Auto Generate – will Generate the Admission Group Name
  • Show Inactive Admission Policies – will show both Active and Inactive Admission Policies

ATF for pre admissions

This is when you have been given an ATF File to Import your Pre-Admission Students.

From the left Menu click on the Students then go to Actions > ATF Import .

This will open the ATF Import page.

Click on Browse to select your ATF File.

By default, all information is Imported where available, but you can deselect what to Import if needed.

Select the New Pre-Admissions Group you’ve created and select Import.

When complete a Success Message will be given.

If you get an Error, please contact the Bromcom Helpdesk if needed.

CTF for pre admissions

From the left Menu click on the Students then go to Actions > CTF Import.

This will open the CTF Import page.

This will open the CTF Import page.

Click on Browse to select your CTF File.

By Default, all information is Imported, but you can deselect any of the options as needed.

You will need to change the option with If this File contains New Students, to ensure that you are selecting Pre-Admissions, you can then select your Pre-Admissions Group.

Click Next and you will see a Table of your Students to Import and whether they have been Matched to Existing Students or not.

If they are all New Students, matched will say No and Import Options will default to Create New.

If there are any matches, then this table will reflect that.

Please review the information in the Table, and once you’re happy click on Import to Import the File.

If you encounter any issues, please contact the Bromcom Helpdesk.

Updated on January 13, 2023

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