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How to Finalise Admissions

Note: All pages shown below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page contains Bromcom guidance for the process of finalising your Pre-Admission Students. This guide will cover the steps required once you have imported your Pre-Admission Students via ATF/CTF or manually added them to the MIS.

See also: https://docs.bromcom.com/knowledge-base/summer-2021-admissions-guidance/

For this process, you will need to visit Modules>Administration>Finalise Admissions.


Once the page loads, you would then select the desired Pre-Admission group from the dropdown.

Selecting the Pre-Admission group

Depending on the group you select, you should see your Pre-Admission Students in this group with a Pre-Admission number.

Students in the Pre-Admission group

There are now a few options you have which are determined by the Action dropdown.

Action dropdown
Options within dropdown

Confirm all for admission – Selecting this will admit all students in the Admission group as of the Admission Date of the group.

Confirm all who have accepted a place – Selecting this will admit all Pre-Admission Students who have a place accepted on their Record. (To have a place accepted, the place offered must be populated.)

Confirm Individuals – Selecting this means you will need to individually select which Students you wish to admit from the group.

Withdraw confirmation from individuals – Selecting this will allow you to remove previously admitted Students from on roll back to the Pre-Admission group.

The two options most likely to be used will be Confirm all for admission or Confirm Individuals.

Sticking with Confirm Individuals for this example, I have now highlighted the Students I wish to admit as seen below;

Confirm Individuals, Check the Date, Admit

Note: It is crucial to make sure the Admission Date is correct when admitting Students. Once the date is set correctly and the Students are selected, you can press Admit at the top of the page.

Pressing admit may then provide you with a confirmation message depending on the Maximum Intake for the Year Group.

Confirmation Warning

If you are happy then you can press Proceed and you should then receive a success message.

Success Message

You should now see that the Pre-Admission group has updated to reflect the number of Students that were admitted. (The number of Students in the Pre-Admissions group went from two to zero in my example).

The group after admitting the Students

Note: Admitting the Students from this group will assign them an actual Admission Number to indicate they are now on roll.

Pre-Admission Student now on roll with an actual Admission Number

The Admission Number that is set depends entirely on which Admission Number is available next on your system within Config>Administration>Admissions Settings.


This page is how the Admission Numbers on your system are configured and ordered.

Note: Admission Numbers can only be released when a Student is deleted from the MIS. Students processed as leavers will retain their Admission Numbers.

Note: Please never delete a Student without being 100% sure this is the correct action.

Next Admission Number settings

If you are unsure of these settings or the process overall, please check with a colleague or contact the Bromcom Helpdesk before admitting Students.

Updated on September 24, 2021

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  1. Hello, Will the pre admission group remain, despite the pupil being admitted? And will all pupils who have been entered into a pre admission group be visible on the pre admission tab as well as the on roll tab? Thanks

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