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How to Create a Pre-Admission Group

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide as reference for creating a Pre-Admission Group, which will then allow you to add Pre-Admission Students to your system.

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From the Home Screen choose Modules>Administration>Pre-Admission Groups

Pre Admission Groups Pathway

Click New.

Add Admission Group Definition

Complete the following details, note all fields marked with * must be completed.

  • DOB From: Enter the date of birth range for the required Year Group
  • DOB To: This will populate automatically once the DOB From Date has been populated
  • Admission Date: This is the date the students will be admitted.
  • Planned Yr Grp: This will populate based on the defined Date of Birth Range.
  • Year Name: If Auto Generate Name is selected this will Auto Generate a name based on the year group and the year of admission. Untick Auto Generate to edit this field.
  • Planned Admission: Complete with your planned admission number
  • Numbers to Rank: This need to be completed even if you are not managing your own admissions. Note this number must be at least 25% more than Planned Admission i.e. planned admission = 100 , Number to Rank = 125.
  • Admission Policy: If you are not managing your own admissions leave this as Not Selected, otherwise choose the Admission Policy from the drop down box or click the + to Create an Admission Policy. The criteria for Admission Policies are defined in Config>Admin>Lookup Tables> Admission Criteria. (See also: How to Edit Lookup Tables).

Click Create to complete the process.

For the next step, which would be adding Pre-Admission Students to your system via a CTF and ATF Import, please refer to the following guide;

Updated on May 11, 2022

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