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How to Set Default Times and Availability

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Hover on the Config heading on the Toolbar select Cover and click on Staff Default Times and Availability

The Staff Default Times and Availability settings allow you to define the default Cover Time for staff members in hours, weeks and years. This tool also allows you to set default values for staff member availability.  

Begin by selecting the Staff Types for which you are setting the defaults. If you would like to Exclude AM/PM Covers from the total amount of cover time, simply check the corresponding checkbox.

There are four Staff TypesTeacherSupportSupply and Agency. Decide which Staff Type you wish to set the defaults.

If the amount of Cover time has no restriction you can check the Unrestricted. If you would like the amount of cover time to be based on the specific teacher’s available sessions, select Based on available sessions.

If you select Specified, you can set the Default Timings for each day, week and year.

If you would like to Exclude AM/PM Covers from the total amount of Cover time, simply tick the corresponding tick box.

Finally, click the Save button. You can now move onto the Availability Defaults.

Begin by selecting the Staff Types for which you are setting the defaults.

If applicable, you can set the number of Working Days in which the Covering Members of Staff can Cover for.

Now determine whether this staff group will be available for Cover or not available for Cover.

Note: when selecting No Cover – the residing Staff Members can still be used for Cover, but the user will be prompted with a warning before making the Cover Assignment.

Cover S – Can only cover School Absences

Cover P – Can only cover Personal Absences

Cover P & S – Can cover both Personal and School Absences.

You can now set the Highlight Option settings – this determines how the availability of the staff member will be displayed.

Free – Is anywhere the teacher is free on the timetable you will be able to use them for cover

Cover – Is when teachers are given certain periods when they can be used for cover on the timetable.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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