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How To use the Match List of Students

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This page will show you how to use the Match List of Students option available on Student Search Selectors. This option has been added as an additional tab on some of the Student Selectors throughout the MIS. Allowing you to continue to Search for Students in the usual way or to upload a list of your own from a CSV file.

You can use Match List of Students in the example a member of staff has sent you a CSV file of students who need an email sending to parents, instead of having to select the students individually yourself you can use Match List of Students.

Note: This functionality is only available in the New Student Selector and not the Student Selector on Reports/Ad Hoc and not for Leavers.

An additional option has also been added under the Student List Selections button, when using this route only the Match List of Students pop-up is displayed.

Click on the Blue Information i to see how to format your CSV file for uploading.

Note: the first column i.e. column A must be either the Admission Number or the UPN. All other columns in the CSV document can be in any order.

If a Unique Identifier has been used the Students will be listed with a green Tick in the Match column and the Information box will also display a Green Tick. The Tooltip will display the name of the column the list has been Matched by.

If a Unique Identifier has not been used, clicking on the yellow ! Information box will allow you to Check the Matching Settings from your uploaded CSV file. Students with a red X in the Match column have no Unique Matching Criteria. You can then try to Match them or continue.

The Matching Settings pop-up is where you select the Identifiers for your CSV Upload, when it has not uploaded successfully. Use the dropdown lists to select from.

The Unique Identifiers dropdown list will display the column Headers from the CSV file.

If Matching on Names and not a Unique Identifier there could be multiple Student Matches on the database. Where duplicate Names are Matched a yellow ! will display in the Match column, click on this to select the correct Student, that Student will now have a green Tick in the Match column leaving the non-selected Student with the yellow ! icon.

Updated on March 21, 2024

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