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How to Import Student Documents

This article will show you how to Import Documents into the Bromcom MIS. You might need to do this if you are moving from another system and you wish to import a selection of documents in bulk. You can import multiple documents in one go.

See also: How to Manage the Document Management System.

Pre Requisites:

  1. The target documents must be stored in a location that the MIS can browse (eg, a local drive); and
  2. The document name must contain the Student UPN or admission number, to match.

Start from the My Account icon > My Documents

Use the radio buttons in Step 1 to select the matching criteria to link the documents to the Students – this will be Unique Pupil Number or the Admission Number.

Use the radio buttons in Step 2 to select where the matching criteria appears in the file name: Begins with (beginning of the name), Ends with (end of the name) or somewhere else (Contains).

Select whether to publish the selected documents to MCAS or the Student Portal.

You can also add documents directly to MCAS, please see How to setup important documents.

Please Note: The maximum file size for Documents that you are Importing into the DMS using this method is 5MB

Updated on July 26, 2021

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