How to View, Edit and Add Exam Results

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This is the process to follow to View, Edit and Add EDI Examination Results in the event of changes to imported results.

See also How to Add Non EDI Exam Results

From the left Menu go to Modules > Examination > Routines > Manage Results.

The Manage Results page displays the following information, note the Season detailed on the dropdown to amend if required

Select a Student or Students required, in the example below 2 Students have been selected and from the View button select Results.

Click on a Result and Edit.

This will display the Results Details pop-up for the selected Student, Edit as required.

To Add a Result select one or more Students and click on Results from the Add button.

Alternatively select one or more Students and click on Results from the View button.

Then click the New button.

Either of these routes will open the Exam Option Selector.

Select the required Option Code and click Done.

Add the Results Details as required

Important Note * For adding EDI Results please note an entry must be in place in the relevant season.

When completed click Save.

Updated on May 17, 2023

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