How to Import Exam Board Results Files

Exams Officers can use this guide to manually Import the Exam Board Results Files into the Examinations Module once they have downloaded the Exam Board Results Files onto a PC.

If you are using the A2C integration the process of downloading Results Files is automatic see this guide.

See How to Download Exam Board Results Files.

Once you have downloaded your Exam Board Results Files and saved them locally to your PC go to Modules > Examination > Manage Results and from the Actions dropdown select Import Results.

Import Results

Note: You can select all your Exam Board Results Files at the same time for this process.

Note: The image below shows the Summer 2018 Season for illustration only.

Select Files

To select your Exam Board Results Files click Upload and locate your Exam Board Results Files saved on your PC.

Uploaded Results Files will now appear in the Files window with the Not yet imported radio button selected.

The Import Results page displays a table, which will show all Unimported Files by default. The previous Imported Files process remains the same, but the Season Selector has been replaced by Date selectors and the Season will appear in the table next to the associated File. The Upload continues to be a Manual Process, but the related Download option also allows for the Download of any File Imported directly using Bromcom’s Integrated A2C Exchange.

Note: Only Manually Imported files can be Deleted, those added via A2C cannot. The Files can be identified by the type suffix Man. or Exch.

See also How to View. Edit and Add Exam Results

Updated on November 10, 2022

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