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How to View Existing Groups

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

See also Curriculum and Groups.

Note it is not advisable to Delete Groups as they may contain historic information, if in doubt please contact Bromcom Support.

From the left Menu go to Groups.

For Primary schools the default Group page is Tutor Group, for Secondary/All-through it defaults to Teaching Class, for Other types of school, the default depends on the database used.

Click on the Search Filters on the top right for more options.

  • Active Date Filter –  when checked, the list filters to the Active On Date (which can be changed)
  • Subject – gives a predictive search option
  • Year Group – will filter to a specific Year Group using the dropdown
  • Reset button – will clear any Filters that have been applied
  • Filter  – option allows additional Group appropriate Filters to be selected
  • Close will close the Search Filters box as will clicking on Search Filters
  • Click on the Filter to add or remove attributes to the Search Filters Window

Group Type – dropdown list will display other Group options

  • Search Names  – allows an individual search

Any applied Filters will result in the page refreshing itself immediately to display the Filtered Groups.

The total number of Groups is displayed towards the top left of the page.

When Groups are selected this will appear as a number i.e. 4 of 148 selected

Delete ALL from the Selected List by using the red Cross icon.

Note: This is not deleting the Groups but Deleting the selected Groups from the selection list.

If all Groups are required, tick the Select All box from the Selections dropdown.

Select Groups by clicking on them, Remove selected Groups by clicking on them again.

  • To Export as a quick list click on the Excel Export button, there is no need to select the Groups.
  • To Add additional columns to the main page click the 3 bar columns icon and select the columns to be added or removed.

Having made the Group selection, click View on the top left to see the first of the Group selected. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move forward and back through the selected Groups.

Note: The content displayed will vary dependent on the Groups selected.

Note: You will have to contact the Bromcom Helpdesk when changing the Start or End Dates for Year Groups.

Updated on June 15, 2023

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