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How to Create and Edit Seating Plans from within Groups

In this guide, we will show you how to create Room Layout Templates for Seating, that can then be used by Teaching Staff directly from their Registration page for Seating in that Room.

Note: From the week commencing 31/10/22, the maximum capacity has been changed from 60 to 80 students.

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Access: The ability to create and edit Seating Plans come from having sufficient access to Groups, the minimum permissions required are found in the Framework Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Creating a Seating Plan

From the left Menu, go to Groups and set the Group Type to one of the following – Teaching Class, Tutor Group or Withdrawal Group.

From the Add/Remove Additional Columns option top right, select Seating Plans and click Save.

This will add the Seating Plans column to the table, where it will show how many Seating Plans are available for each Group.

Clicking on the number within the column will open a pop-up, allowing changes to be made to the Seating Plan or a new one to be Created.

If the number is 0, only the option to Create a Seating Plan will be given.

Pressing Create will take you in to the following screen;

It works on a drag and drop basis, the grey area at the bottom of the page represents the Room and the white boxes represent the Seat.

Drag the required number of Seats in to the area below.

If you need to make the Room bigger to allow for more Seats, click on Settings.

From there, increase the Width and Height of the room by increasing the values and press Apply Changes.

Once you are happy with the Seating Plan, press Save.

Seating Plans can also be Exported in bulk to PDF by selecting Export Seating Plans under the Actions button.

The option allows you to Export the Seating Plans as a Single PDF Document or as Multiple PDF Documents.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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