WJEC Exams Basedata

In the preparation for the upcoming exams results days, we would suggest that you ensure that you have the correct basedata imported for your WJEC exams. If you have the wrong basedata imported this will prevent you from importing your results on results day.

  • See this link to the WJEC website for their Basedata
  • See Manage Basedata for Bromcom guidance on importing/refreshing basedata.
  • For Bromcom guidance on the Exam Results process see here.

For schools in England, the basedata series name should be along the lines of 6g23_40. For schools in Wales and outside England only this will instead be  6g23B40. The “B” replaces the underscore as the fifth character for the Welsh version of the basedata. 

If you are unsure which you should be using then please contact WJEC.

If you have imported the incorrect basedata for your series then it is possible for us to adjust the name of the basedata within the database for this. This will not adjust the basedata, but will allow you to import your results files. The results file details and basedata series names must match for a successful import. 

To request this change please raise a case with the support team, including “WJEC basedata” in the case title. Ensure you include the name of the season(s), and the names of the series that need changing. Although we are available on results day, response times will vary, so please ensure these requests are submitted prior to this to ensure a smooth exams day morning for you.

See Bromcom Support Desk Guide

When importing your basedata for your next season with WJEC, make sure you choose the correct basedata from the Options files presented to you. Both are available on the public site and will show as possible basedata options.

Updated on August 7, 2023

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