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How To Setup Bromcom for Mock Exams

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Setup mock exams in Bromcom

How to create the Season, set up Basedata and create Entries.

To create different tiers in Mock Exams for example GCSE English Paper 1 Higher and GCSE English Paper 1 Foundation go to Modules>Exams>Manage Basedata.

Manage Basedata

First create the Series then right click on the series to create the Qualification for example GCSE History

Right click on the Qualification to add the Exam Option for example GCSE History Unit 1

Then Right Click on the Exam Option to add the Component. Once the Component has been added right click and edit the Component to define the start time and length in minutes.


In this example see GCSE History Paper 1 Foundation and GCSE History Paper 1 Higher. Both are on the same date at the same time.

Manage Basedata
Updated on December 1, 2021

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  1. How do I set up tiers within subjects – e.g. for Maths, MFL and Sciences?

    1. How do I set up tiers within subjects – e.g. for Maths, MFL and Sciences?

      1. Hi Sue
        Thank you for your comments
        I have updated the guide with instructions on this.
        Kind Regards
        Bromcom Training

  2. Can I change the component start times to 8.45 am for example?

    1. Hi Sue, Yes this is possible, simply go to Manage Base Data, navigate to the Component and right click, you will then have the option to Edit the component and change the time as required.

  3. How do I manipulate exam candidate labels – I wish to exclude ‘Year Group’ and ‘Tutor Group’?
    Also how do I print labels with photos?

    1. Hi Bernie
      Once you have seated an examination when you choose another examination to seat click Clone and the examinations already seated will be visible to clone the room.
      I will update the Help Centre.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

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