How to Import/Refresh Basedata

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Note: if you are using the A2C Integration refreshing Basedata is an automatic process except for Pearson BTEC and CIE.

From the left Menu go to Modules > Examination > Routines > Manage Base Data.

From the Actions list select the Import/Update Data option.

From the files area select the Basedata file you wish to Import and select the Match Import for Series from the dropdown list.

Note: If required, you can use the Season and/or the Board dropdown list in order to refine the list of available files.

The Convert Text to Lower Case tickbox will convert any BLOCK CAPITAL DATA found within the Basedata, into a lower case format.

Click the Go button to display the Import page.

From here, you can individually select the required Exam Options, or use the Select/Deselect All Option.

Note: The order/presentation of the Exam Options can be altered by checking the use of the Exam Option Code First and Exam Option Name First checkboxes.

Once selected click the Import button to Import the data.

Where a file has already been Imported and is selected again the Import button changes to Update. When selected a file displays the the Date and Time of when it was last Imported below the file box, it will also shows the same information when using the mouseover pointer. The Auto Upload text has also be changed to Auto Select.

Note: If no Files have been Imported or none were available to match from the previous year the Show All Files Tick box will be ticked, to show all available Files.

Updated on May 17, 2023

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