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How to Access Attendance Reports

This guide contains details on a multitude of Reports that Attendance Officers can use to report on Attendance in a number of ways.

Access: The permissions required to see/access the Reports shown in this guide are found in the Attendance Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions. The Reports you can see depend on which ones/how many are ticked in this section.

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Tip: Individual Student Reports can be used to print off an individual Student register either for the current Academic Year or a particular date range.

The available report are:

From the left Menu go to Reports > Attendance to see a list of Attendance Reports.

Attendance Reports

When opening a Report you can filter by Students. In this example Reports > Attendance > Summary > AM/PM Attendance Analysis has been chosen and Year 9 Pupil Premium.

Move the parameter from Default to Report By Students.

Click Find to open the Student Selector list.

Use the Filters on the left to choose a Year Group, in this example Year 9 has been chosen.

Use the Attribute dropdown and select Pupil Premium in this example.

Click Find to refresh the list and Select All.

Absence Slip Report

The Absence Slip Report prints out an Absence Slip, reporting on either Daily or Weekly Student Absences from a Class or Classes, which can then be given to the Tutor to authorise the Absence.

The data is generated when any designated Absence Slip Attendance Marks are given as a registered Mark for a student. This option is setup on the Attendance Codes page.

Absentee List

The Absentee List report will show the Attendance for a group of Students for any chosen day and can be produced by ClassCourse or Student.

Academic Calendar Summary

The Academic Calendar Summary report displays a Summary of the Registers, for both Classes and Tutor Groups, taken and outstanding, against the school’s Academic Calendar, in DataChart or Data and Chart views.

All/Own Attendance

The All/Own Attendance report shows individual Students Attendance figures for a selected number of weeks for a group of students. The Students can be selected by Class, Course, All Teachers or one Teacher.

All/Own Attendance Statistics

The All/Own Attendance Statistics report shows individual Students Attendance figures for a selected number of weeks for a group of Students. The Students can be selected by Class, CourseAll Teachers or one Teacher.

AM/PM Attendance Analysis

The AM/PM Attendance Analysis report totals AM/PM information and analyses by Code Meaning in accordance with requirements of the DfE.

The report also analyses within each Attendance Meaning to show the individual Codes used and can be produced for Day or Week, in DataChart or Data and Chart views.

AM/PM Attendance Summaries

The AM/PM Attendance Summaries report gives details of all Students who have been registered displaying PresentAuthorised and Unauthorised Absences, in Data, Chart or Data and Chart views.

Attendance Analysis Exports

The Attendance Analysis Exports is an Export option, the data available is for exporting for custom reports to be produced by the school. The data can be exported as either: CSV, HTML or XML files, there are 6 sections covering over 50 reports

Attendance and Punctuality

The Attendance and Punctuality report displays an overall Percentage, per Year and per Tutor Group for AttendanceAbsence and Unauthorised Absence and the number of Unauthorised AbsencesLate and Missing Marks for the dates selected.

Attendance Certificate

The Attendance Certificate report generates the Individual Student Certificate of Attendance for all Students for the selected Class or a group of Students for the selected dates.

A Certificate for each Student will be displayed on a page of its own.

Attendance Code List

The Attendance Code List report produces a list of all Attendance Codes available for the Year selected from the dropdown list, with the description and associated Attendance Meanings.

Attendance History

The Attendance History report will produce an Attendance History for any Class, Course or Student for the selected dates, in DataChart or Data and Chart views. This report can be used to look for students below a defined Attendance Percentage for example below 90% for Persistent Absence

Attendance Percentage

The Attendance Percentage report breaks down into three parts, Compulsory StudentsNonCompulsory Students and the Grand Totals.

Attendance Report by Code/Meaning

The Attendance Report by Code/Meaning produces a list of Students who have the selected Codes or Meanings, displaying the Admission Number, Student Name, Tutor Group, Classes Affected, Number of PeriodsTotal Students and Total Occurrences.

Attendance Slip

The Attendance Slip report produces a list of Attendance Slips, which are Summaries of Attendance for Students for a Class for the selected Dates and Classes.

Attendance Summary

The Attendance Summary report gives Percentage figures for a selected Attendance type for the requested weeks for Tutor GroupClassReport GroupsCourse or any combination of these. Weekly Totals are displayed on the last page along with Yearly Totals

Blank Registers

Blank Registers produces Blank Registers for the selected ClassesReporting Groups, allowing Manual Registration if required.

The bottom of the Register has space for the name of the person taking the Register and their signature.

Broken Weeks

The Broken Weeks report shows the number of weeks where a Students Attendance has been broken within the selected date range. it shows the Student, DoB, Tutor Group, Number of Broken Weeks and a Breakdown of Absence Marks.

Class Attendance by Teacher

The Class Attendance by Teacher report displays the Attendance Marks for the selected Tutor Group or Class, for the selected dates. It groups by the Teacher who takes Attendance for the selected Groups or Classes.

In addition, the Percentage breakdown of each Student over the period of time is displayed, along with Individual Totals and the Teacher who took the Register, an Individual Teacher can be selected.

Class Attendance Report

The Class Attendance Report displays the Attendance Marks for the selected Tutor Group, Class or Course, for the selected dates. Each ClassGroup or Course will be displayed on a separate page showing all the requested weeks, the Percentage breakdown of each Student over the selected dates, along with the Individual Totals and the Teacher who took the Register.

Class Register

The Class Register report shows Individual Students Attendance for any given day. The group of Students can be selected by ClassCourse or Period.

Commented Attendance

The Commented Attendance report will produce a breakdown of any Attendance Marks to which Comments have been applied.

Continuous Absence

The Continuous Absence report produces a breakdown of Continuous Absence for selected ClassesCourses or Students. It will look for Continuous Absence for the number of Weeks selected, prior to the date entered.

The report displays the Admission Number, Student Name, Date of Birth and Last Attendance date.

Daily Outstanding Registers

The Daily Outstanding Registers report shows Outstanding Registers for the selected Day, displaying the UsernameTeacher NamePeriodClass and Room.

Daily Register Audit

The Daily Register Audit report will list the periods for a particular day, for Missing, Requested, Taken or Re-requested Registers for the parameters entered, showing the Teacher and Time Information in Landscape or Portrait.

Fire Drill

The Fire Drill report is used in emergency cases and gives a full list of all Students, in Tutor Groups and all their Marks for the Day, up to the last Register taken.

This report is produced in real time for the Current Day and produces 1 page per Tutor Group.

Lateness by Class/Course

The Lateness by Class/Course report produces a list of Students who have been registered Late during the requested Weeks and can be selected by Class or Course.

Lateness by Student

The Lateness by Student report produces a list of Students who have been registered Late during the requested Weeks.

Punctuality Report

The Punctuality Report produces a breakdown of the Punctuality for selected group/s.

This report can also be used to define the Attendance Percentage Threshold and Number of Lates to report on.

For example select 90% and 1 Late will produce a list of Students who are above 90% Attendance with only 1 Late, select Reverse Threshold to produce a list of Students who are below 90% Attendance and only 1 Late.

Register Audit

The Register Audit report will list the Registers for a particular Day, for Class, Student or Teacher, for the parameters entered, displaying when they were taken and by whom.

In the case of a Register not being taken, the time is shown as ? with the Initials of the Teacher timetabled to have taken the lesson.

The report gives a Summary at the bottom showing Registers Received, Missing and the percentage of Received Registers.

Single Period Attendance

The Single Period Attendance report will display Period Attendance for a Class, Student or All for the individually selected Period.

Student Attendance

The Student Attendance report generates the Individual Student Certificate of Attendance for all Students for the selected Class or a group of Students for the selected dates.

Attendance Totals for each Week are also displayed with a Grand Total shown when the Show Statistics option is selected. A Certificate for each Student will be displayed on a page of its own.

Teacher Outstanding Registers

The Teacher Outstanding Registers report shows outstanding Registers for all Teachers for a chosen Date and Periods, in list form.

Termly Absence Data

The Termly Absence Data report displays an Overall Percentage of the number of sessions and the number of Absences given for the selected Date Range, either Weekly or Daily.

Traditional AM/PM

The Traditional AM/PM report shows each individual Student’s Attendance within a selected Tutor Group or Course for the selected Weeks and is displayed in traditional herringbone format, with Individual and Overall Number of Attendance figures.

Updated on January 12, 2024

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