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How to check all students from Year 7 to Year 11 have a full timetable.

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Administrators can use this guide as part of the End of Year process to check all students in Years 7 to 11 have a full timetable.

This process can be checked by running either or both of the following reports.

Individual Student Timetable can be ran via How to Run the Timetable Report for Students

  • Empty Timetable Entries Report
  • Ad-hoc Class Matrix Report

See also End of Year Secondary.

Empty Timetable Entries

From the Home Screen choose Reports>Attendance>Attendance Analysis Exports.

Attendance Analysis Exports Pathway

From the Analysis Exports page choose Empty Timetable Entries from the Export drop down.

Choose the file type in the as drop down either CSV or HTML.

Choose the required Dates from Day Start and Day End.

Click the blue Export on the top left to export the report.

Analysis Exports – Empty Timetable Entries

The exported report will now be visible in Export File History.

Export File History

Click on the Red Title of the Report to view the Empty Timetable Entries Report in csv format.

Example of csv Empty Timetable Entries;

This report shows the following 6 columns;

Date of Empty Timetable, Period, Year, Forename, Surname and Admission No.

Note the report is ordered by Date.

DatePeriodYearForenameSurnameAdmission No
Empty Timetable Entries.

Example Ad-hoc Class Matrix Report

From the Home Screen choose Reports>Adhoc>Matrix Report.

See also How to Create a Matrix Report.

Ad-Hoc Matrix Report Pathway

From the Report Builder Choose Curriculum and Student Timetables.

See below an example of a Ad-Hoc Class Matrix Report with the Student Legal Full Name in Rows, Period Name in Columns and the Class Name as Detail as chosen from Reporting Data Items.

To add items select the required item from the Reporting Data Items list and drag into either Detail, Rows or Columns.

Select Show Grand Total Columns to add a Total Column which shows how many periods each student has populated with a class or tutor group.

Once the report is in the required format select Save.

Save the Report

Give the report a Title and Description , choose the Report Folder from the drop down.

In this example the Report has been saved in Module Reports > Curriculum.

Complete Access Permissions, Page Size and Page Orientation as required and select to Hide Header and Footer if required.

Report Properties

Click Ok to Save the Report.

Click Run to Run the Report.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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