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12 Must Try Attendance Reports in Bromcom

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In this guide, we are going to list 12 Attendance Reports that will help you carry out a number of Attendance related tasks and provide you with various options for obtaining Student Attendance data in Bromcom.

For example to access the Official Register Report go to Reports>Attendance>Individual>Attendance Certificate Report

Note: A Word Document containing examples of the data each Report provides are linked below, feel free to download them if you find them helpful. (Don’t forget to check your pop-up blocker).

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Attendance Reports

1. All/Own Attendance Statistics Report – This Report provides a list of individual Students and their % Attendance with a Summary at the bottom.

Reports>Attendance>Weekly>All/Own Attendance Statistics Report

2. AM/PM Attendance Analysis Report – This Report provides an overview of Student AM/PM Marks, displayed in Gender and broken down into Present and Absent Totals.

Reports>Attendance>Summary>AM/PM Attendance Analysis Report

3. AM/PM Attendance Summaries Report – This Report provides Present, Authorised and Unauthorised Percentage by Group, with a Total percentage of each column at the bottom.

Reports>Attendance>Summary>AM/PM Attendance Summaries Report

4. School Summary Report – The School Summary Report provides a detailed breakdown of Student and School data, which includes Attendance data broken down by Group and Absent, Late and Present.

Reports>Administration>School Summary Report

5. Attendance and Punctuality Report – This Report provides Attendance Percentage and the Number of Lates by Group, further broken down in to compulsory and non compulsory Students.

Reports>Attendance>Summary>Attendance and Punctuality Report

6. Attendance Certificate Report – This Report provides a detailed Attendance Certificate within a chosen date range for each Student selected.

Reports>Attendance>Individual>Attendance Certificate Report

7. Attendance History – This Report provides a list of Students and a breakdown of their Attendance for the chosen date range.

Reports>Attendance>Summary>Attendance History

8. Attendance Percentage – This Report provides the Attendance Percentage of individual Groups, further broken down by Year Groups.

Reports>Attendance>Summary>Attendance Percentage

9. Register Audit Report – This Report provides you with an Audit of changes made to a Student or Group’s Attendance, identifying the User that made the changes and when.

Reports>Attendance>Audit>Register Audit

10. Commented Attendance –This Report provides a list of all Students with Attendance Comments for the chosen date range.

Reports>Attendance>Audit>Commented Attendance

11. Lateness by Student – This Report provides an individual Student profile, which includes all occasions they were Late and by how many minutes.

Reports>Attendance>Attendance Code Analysis>Lateness by Student

12. Blank Registers – This Report provides Blank copies of registers for selected Groups.

Reports>Attendance>Attendance>Blank Registers

Updated on November 10, 2022

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