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How to Access Attendance Analysis Exports

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Attendance Officers or Office Managers can use this guide to create Analysis Exports from the Attendance Module in Html or CSV format for further analysis for example under Registration Diagnostics choose Missing Marks Reports.

See also How to Access Attendance Reports and How to Use the Attendance Dashboard

There are 2 ways to access the Attendance Analysis Exports either from Reports>Attendance>Attendance Analysis Exports.

Attendance Analysis Exports – Pathway 1

Or from Modules>Analysis>Analysis Exports and choose Attendance from the Module drop down

Attendance Analysis Exports – Pathway 2
Choose Attendance from Module drop down

From the within the Export drop down the Attendance Analysis Exports are grouped by the following 6 areas;

  • Students
  • Classes or Groups
  • Year Groups
  • Summary
  • Registration Diagnostics
  • Alerts

Choose the required Export from the Export drop down.

Export File Label: this is ticked by default to be the Export File Name, Untick to edit the Export File Label.

Exclude following characters from header: tick as required

Include carriage returns: tick if required for a HTML export

Choose the Group Name or Student(s) required (dependant on the report choice) by typing the name in the Group Name or Student Name box or click the blue find spyglass to open the Group or Student Selector.

Day Start and Day End: complete as required to define the date parameters for the export.

Click Export.

The export will now appear in the Export File History in red.

Click on the file to open the export or Click on the red delete icon to delete the file.

Use the top right Search to type in the File Name to Search for a specific File Name.

Updated on April 2, 2024

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