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How To Manage Applicants

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

This page shows you how to Create or Edit an Applicant Waiting List for Independent and Private Schools.

From the left Menu go to Others > Type > Applicant and click on the New button.

Adding an Applicant

This will open the Create New Applicant pop-up on the Student page.

Note: All fields marked with an * are Mandatory on all of the following pages.

Enter the information, then click the Next button, this will move on to the Contact page.

Enter the information then click the Find button to confirm the address.

If the Address is not listed it can be entered manually.

Note: from this page onwards you can also go back to the previous page/s by clicking the Prev button at any time.

Enter the information, then click the Next button, this will move on to the Sibling page.

If there are no Siblings click the Next button, otherwise click the + Add Sibling button. Select the Sibling/s from the Student Selector and click the Done button when finished.

The Sibling/s will be displayed and can be removed by clicking the X to the right of the Name.

When finished click the Next button, this will move on to the Application page.

Enter the Application details and click Save when finished. The new Applicant will now be listed on the page.

To Edit an Application click on the Applicant and then click on the View button, this will open the same pages, which can then be Edited.

More Columns can be added to the Applicant List page by selecting from the Add/Remove Additional Columns option.

Enrolling an Applicant

Clicking on the Actions button gives more options, Enrol as Student, Send SMS/Email and Delete.

Selecting an Applicant and then the Enrol As Student option, will open the Enrol as Student pop-up page. When you click Save the Applicant information is moved into the Student list on the MIS and the Student Details page is opened for you to add any additional information.

The Student will remain in the Applicant list and will display in the Enrolled as Student column.

Sending an SMS/Email to an Applicant

Selecting one or more Applicants and then the Send SMS/Email option will open the Send SMS and Emails pop-up page. Which is used in the same way as on other pages, enter a Message or use a Template, check the Recipients and click on the Body icon top right to view the selected Applicants. Also see: How to Send an SMS Message or Email from Bromcom

Deleting an Applicant

Selecting one or more Applicants and then the Delete option will display a Warning message, with the number of Applicants being Deleted, click the Delete button to Permanently Delete those Applicants.

Updated on October 15, 2021

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  1. Hi, this looks great and we are keen to use it. Our wait lists are in Excel at the moment, can Bromcom support independent schools with a template for upload to populate the list initially, to save all the repeat data entry? Similar to the way we uploaded some of our data initially.

    1. Hi Nicola
      Thank you for your comments, I will check to see if this process is in development as its not currently possible.
      Kind Regards
      Bromcom Training

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