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How to Manage Exam Entries/Submit Entry Files

In this guide, we are going to show you how to manage Exam Entries and Submit Entry Files from within the Examination Module.

For further information on Examination processes, see Exams, How to Make Exam Entries and How to Add Rooms/Seat Candidates

Access: To follow this guide, you will need the following minimum permission from the Examination Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Once the Exam Entries have been made in Bromcom go to Modules> Examination> Manage Submissions to Submit the Entry files.

Manage Submissions

In this screen you will see Outstanding Submissions and Existing Submissions

To make a Submission;

Either select all the files in the Outstanding Submissions Panel or click individually

Click Create

Select Outstanding Submissions

The selected files will then move over to the Existing Submissions with the Status Not Submitted

Existing Submissions

In the Existing Submissions Panel you can choose to View Candidates, Download the file or Tick – mark as Submitted

Click View Candidates

View Candidates

This produces an online view of the Name, Candidate Number, Exam Code and Entry Code

Click Download

Download File

This produces an entry file with Candidate and Entry Information to Download to your computer in the file type of your choice, example in Word below;


Tick to Submit


This is just a reference to yourself that you have Submitted the file

Then click to download the Entry files to your PC.


Click on Show submitted files to see all Submissions

Once a file has been submitted, you can un-submit it by clicking the icon next to the Download icon.

Once downloaded the Exam Entry files can be uploaded to the Entry Carrier for example A2C.

Updated on August 31, 2023

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