How to Purchase Email (SMTP) Credits

In this guide, we will cover for the process required to purchase Email Credits if you use Bromcom’s SMTP Service to deliver your Emails.

Bromcom’s SMTP Service provides 3000 free Emails per month, this resets on the 1st of each month. If you exceed 3000 Emails within the month, you will need to purchase additional Credits to avoid disruption to your service.

Please note that if you purchase a bundle, the amount you purchase does not get added to the 3000 a month you get for free. So if you purchase 10,000 you will get 10,000 not 13,000.

For more details on the SMTP service itself, please refer to the following guides: How to configure SMTP to send Emails from Bromcom and Bromcom SMTP Service FAQs.

Pre-requisites: For this guide, you must already be using Bromcom’s SMTP Service within Config>Setup>System Settings.

Access: The minimum permission required to purchase Email Credits within the MIS is found in the Communication Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Select Modules>Communication>Overview from the side menu.

You will then see the Used Email Credit widget.

Press Buy Email Credit.

If you are not an Authorised User, a pop-up message will be displayed where you can press click here to request access.

Clicking on the link will send a request to our Admin Team.

They will then authorise your account and you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not heard back within 2-3 days, please contact the team on 

Once you are Authorised, clicking on the Buy Credit button will display the Buy Email Credit popout.

Select the desired Email Bundle, enter a Purchase Order Number and press Purchase (Notes are optional).

Confirmation message will be given, with the number of Email Credits selected, the Total price and Purchase Order Number.

If you are happy, click on the Proceed button.

Note: The process is irreversible, if you are not sure click on the Cancel button.

A success notification will appear and you will see that your Credits have updated.

To view previous purchases, click on the View Previous Purchases button.

Cost of SMTP bundles

Important Note: The prices listed here do not include VAT.

All bundles provide the listed number of Email credits monthly, and are billed annually at the price shown.

Updated on February 29, 2024

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