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Bromcom SMTP Service FAQs

In this guide, we have included lots of frequently asked questions relating to the Bromcom SMTP Service, which is a free service within the MIS that provides 3000 Emails a month.

If you use your Own SMTP Server, this guide will not apply to you.

See also: How to configure SMTP to send from Bromcom and How to Purchase Email Credits.

  • If we don’t use all 3000 Emails, does the balance roll over? – No, the balance resets on the 1st of each month so any unused Email Credits are reset.
  • When is the limit exceeded Email sent if a School goes over 3000 Emails? – An Email is sent once the School reach 90% capacity or higher of the 3000.
  • Who receives the Email about not having any credits left? – This goes to any user with the Administrator role (providing they have an Email Address on their record).
  • What happens when/if a School goes over the 3000 limit? – The School will be reminded every 3 days and if no actions is taken, service may be interrupted.
  • Do Email alerts, Scheduled Emails, Password Reset and Invitation Code Emails count towards total? – Partly. Password Reset emails for System Users do not contribute but all other Emails do such as Invitation Codes and Password Reset Links for MCAS accounts.
  • Is there a Report Schools can run to see how many they sent in a month? – Currently no, but there is a Report for this in the pipeline. Modules>Communication>Overview will show you a Week at a time if needed.
  • How should Schools purchase more Emails? – Additional Email Credits can be purchases through Modules>Communication>Overview
  • If we buy a package will the amount purchased be added to the 3000, so 10,000 (purchased) plus 3000 (free) making 13,000? – No, the free messages do not get added to the package purchased.
  • Will the Consolidate multiple messages tick box when sending an Email help save Emails at all? – Yes, this will send one message combining all Students/Siblings under a linked Contact, rather than sending separate Emails for each Student.
  • Can I set up other users to receive Emails when we are low on Email Credits? – Yes, you can add staff members to the Low Credit Email Recipients field within Config>Communication>Configurations.
  • Will anything happen if we keep exceeding the limit every month? – No but we may contact you to discuss how to prevent this from happening every month.
  • Lastly, can MATs purchase a bundle and spread them across multiple Schools? – Not through the MIS, you will need to contact the communications@bromcom.com to arrange this.
  • How many emails have we sent out ? System Administrators within schools will receive an email at 10am every day and at the foot of that email there will be a unique link, when clicked, it will take you to a page which they can see what has been sent for current month, and they can go to previous months as well.
Updated on October 12, 2023

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