How to use Template Processing

In this guide we will cover how to use Template Processing and under what circumstances it might be useful.

Access: The Permissions to access Template Processing can be found in the Assessment module from within Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions.


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What is Template Processing Used For?

Template Processing allows you to recalculate any Formula Columns in your Assessment Sheets, without having to open the Assessment Sheet, which may be useful if you are importing large amounts of Assessment Data through Manage Data. It will also recalculate any Grade Colours on your Assessment Sheets which might be useful if you are pulling the colours through to any Web Merge reports.

Creating a Template Processing Set

Before you can run Template Processing, you will need to create a Template Processing Set, this allows you to specify which Assessment Sheet Templates you would like to run Template Processing for.

First, go to Modules > Assessment > Manage Templates


Next, select Actions and then Template Processing.

Actions Menu

In the pop-up that appears, select New


In the Set Name field, enter a name for the Set that will help you identify which Templates are included in the Set.

Template Processing Set Details

Once you’ve named the Set, click Add

Add Set

This will open a list of all of your Assessment Templates, select the Templates to be added to the Set by clicking on them once to highlight them in blue. Once you’ve selected all relevant Templates, click Done.

Template Selector

The selected Templates will now appear in a list, once you’re happy, click Save to create the Template Processing Set.


Running Template Processing

Go to Modules > Assessment > Manage Templates


Select Actions and then Template Processing

This will load a list of all Template Processing Sets, select the one you would like to run Template Processing for and click Process.

Template Processing Sets

Note: This will run Template Processing for any Assessment Sheets generated from any of the Templates listed in the selected Template Processing Set.

You will receive the following Warning, click OK.


Note: Template Processing can take some time, depending on the amount of data contained in the Assessment Sheets, you can come away from the Manage Templates page and continue to work as normal and the Template Processing will continue in the background providing that you do not close or log out of Bromcom.

Once the Template Processing has completed, you will receive a Notification in the Notification Bell in the top right hand corner, click on the Notification Bell to view the message.

Updated on February 22, 2024

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