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How to Lock an Assessment Sheet

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Use this guide to lock an Assessment Sheet or Marksheet.

Locking an Assessment Sheet will prevent staff from entering, amending or deleting previously entered student assessment data.

Typically this process is performed once all student Assessment data has been inputted into Assessment Sheets by Teaching Staff for a specific data collection and then columns within an Assessment Sheet are locked or made ‘Read Only’ to prevent Teaching Staff changing previously entered data.

In the example below the Year 10 and Year 11, Autumn 1 Assessment Sheets are being locked.

See also How to Create an Assessment Sheet.

From the home screen go to Modules>Assessment>Manage Templates.

Manage Templates

From here you need to locate the Tracking Template or Templates that need Assessment Sheets locking.

In this example 2 Tracking Templates are visible.

Manage Templates

Both Tracking Templates have been selected in this example.

Select Multiple Templates

From the Actions drop down select Update Template Columns.

Actions drop down

Now you can select the columns you wish to lock or make ‘Read Only’

In this example all the Autumn 1 columns have been selected, if more than one template has been selected scroll down to see and select more columns.

Year 10 Autumn 1 columns selected

Scroll down to see Year 11 Autumn 1 columns.

Year 11 Autumn 1 columns selected

Once the columns have been selected from the Properties drop down on the top right select Read Only.

Note if you want to Hide the Autumn 1 columns select Hidden.

Property Selection

Then on the Value drop down select Yes to make all the selected columns Read Only.

Value Selection

Then click Apply and Save.

Tip: to check the columns have been locked go to Modules>Assessment>Assessment Sheets list and select an Assessment Sheet.

Updated on December 3, 2021

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