How to Use the End of Year Wizard

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Staff can use this guide to perform the following End of Year tasks;

  • Create the New Academic Year
  • Choose a previously created Period Structure or create a New Period Structure
  • Set Staff Only Days and Holidays
  • Settings for Behaviour and MCAS
  • View a Summary

See also End of Year Guidance and for how to set half terms in a two week timetable see How to Edit Academic Days

From the Home Screen choose Modules>Curriculum>End Of Year Wizard.

End of Year Wizard Pathway

New Academic Year

Please enter the academic year and term details for the New Academic Year and choose the Number of Terms required from the drop down (up to 9 terms).

Note: The Start Date of the year automatically follows on from the End Date of the current year.

Term Start Dates must be a Sunday and End Dates a Saturday and therefore the End Date of the year should also be a Saturday.

Academic Year Details

Example of how a 3 Term Academic Year may look. The Term Name can be amended if required.

Once complete click Next.

Academic Year Details

Choose a Period Structure

In the Period Structure Choice screen select to either use an Existing Period Structure and select from the Period Structure drop down or create a new one.

See also How to Create a New Period Structure.

Select Yes for existing period structures or No to create a new one.

Note this defaults to Yes.

Period Structure Choice

If No is selected then Define AM and PM Period Times and Duration.

Click Next once complete.

Defining AM and PM

Use the Creating a Period Structure and Timetable Model Page to define Periods, Weeks in the Timetable Model, Which Days are Timetabled and How Many Periods in a Day.

Then use the Period Type, Start Time, Duration and Display Time columns to create your new Period Structure.

Create a Period Structure

Click Next

Set Staff Only Days and Holidays

Then set the Staff Only Days and Holidays as required.

Use the Red Delete Icon to Delete any errors or the Pencil Icon on the right hand side to amend each entry if required.

Delete or Edit

Click the Blue Tick to Save any amendments.


Settings for Behaviour and MCAS

Select either Yes or No for starting a new behaviour action point if using Behaviour Pathways.

Note if Config>MCAS>General Settings – Academic Year Data to Display if set to ALL the Settings for Behaviour and MCAS will look like this.

Behaviour Actions

Note in Config>MCAS>General Settings – Academic Year Data to Display if set to a specific academic year and not ALL the Settings for Behaviour and MCAS will look like this.

Click Next once complete.

View a Summary

Check the details in Summary and Print if required, click Back to return to the previous page.

Click Proceed to Complete the End of Year Wizard, use the End of Year Health Check page in the End of Year Dashboard to review term information once you have clicked Proceed.

Updated on June 9, 2023

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