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How to Create a New Period Structure

Use this guide to create a new Period Structure. Period Structures define the layout of the sessions in the Timetable week.

Access: : the permissions required to access Period Structures are found in the Curriculum module from Config>Set Up> Roles and Permissions

Also See: How To View/Edit an Existing Period Structure

To start, from the left Menu go to Config > Curriculum > Period Structures.


To create a new Period Structure click New.

Select New

First enter a Period Structure Name and then complete the details, the * denotes a mandatory field.

Note: Morning Begins is start of AM Session and Afternoon Begins is after lunch.

Period Structure Configuration

If you select want a two week timetable select 2 in the No. of weeks in cyclic academic pattern and additional weeks will appear with weekday check boxes.

Timetable Cycle – 10 day cycle

Tick the weekday boxes to determine the number of Days in the Cycle and enter the total number of Days in timetable cycle.

In this example the Days in timetable cycle would be 10.

Timetable Cycle – 5 day cycle

In this example the Days in timetable cycle would be 5.

Leave the Available From set to the day the Period Structure is created if the Structure is required for immediate application.

Note : The Available From date is the date the Period Structure can be applied from.

Period Structure Configurations

This will open the Create Timetable Day Structure page displaying the name in the header.

Add New Period

You can now add the Periods for the Day by clicking the Add button and selecting the Period Type from the dropdown list. After a Period has been added a Delete button will be displayed, so you can select a Period and Delete it. The Period times will be filled automatically but can be manually changed.

Non Teaching Periods

  • AS – After School
  • PS – Pre School
  • BR – Break
  • LU – Lunch

Clubs and Detentions can be configured to take place in Non Teaching Periods with the ability to take a register


Period Type Selection

You can then select the next day from the left and add the Periods for that day and the rest. If the Periods for the days are the same or similar you can use the Copy settings to all days button to populate all of the days, which you can then Save or Edit.

You can move back to the previous page at any time by clicking the Back button, you will be given a warning that you will lose any changes made on the current page. When finished click the Save button.

NotePeriod Structures are not date-dependent so the same Period Structure can be applied to future date ranges, such as the next Academic Calendar, without having to be re-created.

Updated on February 26, 2024

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