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How to Report on Exam Special Requirements

Important: The below guide refers to an older version of our Reports module, which not all schools will have access to. The pathways discussed in this guide therefore may not be relevant if you only have access to Quick Reports. This will typically apply to schools that are relatively new to Bromcom as well as Northern Ireland schools and they therefore should refer to Quick Reports guidance instead.

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions.

Exams Officers can use this article to build a Report of Candidates who have Special Requirements ( Access Arrangements)in Examinations. This report will then be used to assist with assigning Candidates to Exam Rooms.

Regulations for Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments are detailed in this JCQ Document.

See also : How to Manage Special Candidates and How to Create a Matrix Report.

Choose Reports>Adhoc>Matrix Report

Matrix Report Pathway

Then from the Report Domains Panel choose Examinations and Examination Candidates

Report Type and Domain

In the Report Layout drag and drop the following items from the Data Items List on the left.

  • Detail : Candidate Special Requirements choose : Special Candidate Description
  • Rows : From below Students choose : Candidate Full Name, Year Group, Exam Number
  • Columns: Candidate Special Requirements choose : Special Candidate Description

Then click on Reports Filters and Intervals on the top right.

Drag and Drop Special Candidate into Drag items here and tick Special Candidate and Apply.

Click Save, you will be asked to give the Report a Title, Description and choose a Folder.

See example below;

Note Hide Header and Footer is ticked and the Page Orientation is Landscape.

Click Ok.

Run and Preview.

Preview Report
Report Output

Updated on June 10, 2024

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