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How to Send Documents from the DMS

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Use this guide to create a report for a student(s) and then email the report(s) from within the DMS (Document Management System)

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Begin by running the required reports, in this example we are running the Student Attendance Report for a group of selected students.

Student Attendance Report

In this example I have chosen 2 students to report on for a specified date range.

Click Export.

Enter report parameters

If you wish to Preview the report(s) first click Preview and then Export.

Preview – Export

In the Export Page choose the Format of Report in the Format drop down and ensure Multiple Documents is ticked – this will produce individual document files, in this example 2 files.

Click Done.


Please wait while the report is being prepared, this may take some time if a large number of students has been selected to report on.

When the reports are ready a red number will appear next to the notification bell on the top right of the screen.

From the top right of the screen click on your picture and select My Documents.

My Documents

From the My Documents list select the required document(s). Use the filter cups on each column header to filter if required.

Important: Ensure the Focus column is populated with the student name.

If the Focus column is not populated this means the student doesn’t have an email attached to his/her name.

Document List

Click Send Document.

From the Send Document screen complete the Recipient, this defaults to Contact change to Student if required.

Enter the Subject of the Email.

Selected DMS Document(s): note there are 2 documents in here.

Complete the Message using the Dynamic Fields drop down to personalize the message if required.

Choose Send to Parental Responsibility contacts only if required.

Note: All Priorities are ticked by default. If required untick and select which priorities are to receive the email.

Send Document

Click on Recipients to check the recipient list and click Send or Back to amend the message

The email and attached documents have now been sent..

Updated on November 10, 2022

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