How to Set Assessment Configurations

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This is where you can set reminders for Teachers to enter data and allow key members of Staff access to enter KeStage Results.

Hover on the Config heading on the Toolbar select Assessment and click on Configurations.

In Assessment Configurations – Set the number of days before deadlines to start reminding Teachers to enter data. Selecting the Enable Marksheet Logs Auditing option will track all Marksheet entries by the Teacher, this cannot be viewed by the User but can be used by Bromcom to track Marksheets in case there is an issue of any kind.

In Stage Assessment Sheet Configuration – Ticking the Enable Sheet Users tick box will display more Tick boxes for for Senior Staff, use the Find option to add other Staff Members.

In Primary Tracker Defaults – Select an option to order Grades by Name or Value.

Finally select the Curriculum Year Groups from the drop down list and click Save.

Updated on June 27, 2023

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