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How to add Filters and Features on Assessment Marksheets

Note: All pages below are subject to having relevant Roles and Permissions 

Pre – requisites: Assessment Sheets need to be created ready to be viewed by Administrators and Teachers. Please see How to create an Assessment Sheet 

This guide will show both an Assessment Administrator view and a Teacher view of how to add a filter onto a column/marksheet features on an Assessment Marksheet.

Note the functionality and view is the same for Assessment Administrators and Teachers.

 It will also show you how to: 

  • Change the text size and the text alignment 
  • Add additional student information such as Free School Meals, Gender  
  • Bulk update a column 
  • Re-set the sheet to original format 

These changes only affect the Marksheet you change them on, the changes are not made to all other Marksheets

Teacher View : Assessment Marksheets can be accessed by Teachers from the Lessons Dashboard. Teachers double click on any of the Marksheets in the Marksheets system

Assessment Administrators View : Assessment Marksheets can be accessed by Administrators by going to – Modules > Assessment > Assessment Sheets List.

Select the Template that you wish to view 

Your sheet will look similar to the following image.  

Across the Top you have Column Headings.

Changing Text size and Positioning  

This is a standard feature that appears on All Column Headers. If you Right Click on the Column Header, you are able to change the Positioning of the Text (justification) and in the following image you can see how you also Change the Text Size.  

Adding Additional Student Information 

Right Click on Student Name – one of the options is to Add/Remove Fixed Columns – select this and the following image appears, you can select additional information about students, such as SEN Infomation, Attendance, Tutor Groups. Tick the information you wish to Add – you can select multiple choices – then click Ok 

Bulk update a column 

Right Clicking on a column for Data Entry gives you two options, firstly to Set Column Value – this allows you to Bulk Update (flood fill) the column with one grade that you Select from the list (following image is an example). These are the choice of grades available for that column. Select the grade and then Apply Column Value. 

Secondly you can select Individual Grades and Apply and Go to Next. This will allow you to give each student individual grades.

Adding a Filter to a Column 

At the Top of the Column Header Box there is a Grey Filter Box, by Clicking on this you can filter by Selected Grades or Blank Cells in that column. For example, I may choose Blank Cells to see what Data is Missing. Only Tick the Boxes that you wish to view Results for and then Click Ok. 

How to Reset your Sheet to the Original Format or Save the New Format 

If you make Changes to the Assessment Sheet and you want to keep them like that next time you open it up – please press Save, if you want to go back to the Standard Original View,  go to Options and select Reset Marksheet (see following image). 

The Marksheets view has been updated to improve the look and speed of the page, the functionality remains the same.

The new version of the Marksheet has to be active to see this view. To make this Active from the left Menu go to Config > Assessment > Configurations, tick the Use new version of Marksheet option and Save.

Updated on November 11, 2022

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