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How to use Quick Edit To Update Teaching Classes in Bulk

In this guide we will look at how you can make changes to Teaching Classes in bulk using Quick Edit.

Access: The minimum permissions required to access the Groups page can be found in the Framework module from within Config > Setup > Roles and Permissions.


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The Quick Edit function is accessed from the Groups List page. Select Groups from the left hand menu.


The Groups page will automatically display Teaching Classes for Secondary Schools, for Primary Schools it will Default to Tutor Groups so use the Group Type dropdown in the top right hand corner to select Teaching Class.

Group Type

Select the Teaching Classes you would like to make changes to by clicking on each of them once to highlight them in blue. Once you’ve made your selections click Actions.


Select Quick Edit.

Quick Edit

Select the Attribute you would like to change from the Attribute dropdown.

Attribute Dropdown

If you select Exam Level, Subject or Year Group you will then need to select the Value you would like to update the Attribute to, from the Value dropdown.

Value Dropdown

If you select In Register Student Addition, you will have the option to select or deselect a tick box to enable/disable In Register Student Addition.

In Register Student Addition

From here you can click Update to make the changes. Alternatively, if you would like to check through the changes first you can click Review.

Update and Review

Clicking Review will load a summary of the changes that will be made with your current selections.

Review Changes

You can make any necessary changes manually using the dropdown menus in the Amended Column. Once you’re happy, click Update.

You will receive confirmation in the top right hand corner that the changes have been made.

Updated on February 21, 2024

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