How To Take a Register

In this guide, we will show you how to perform the following four Register tasks in the Old Interface for the New Interface see here;

Access: There are no specific permissions required to take Registers, once you are assigned to a Teaching Class/Tutor Group and you have the Teacher Role, you will have access to the Lesson Dashboard where you can take Registers.

You will see Registers on the Lessons Dashboard where you are assigned to the associated timetable for the Teaching Class/Tutor Group. See How to Add Staff to Teaching Classes/Tutor Groups.

Other areas like the User Timetable page or Groups>Actions>Take Registers do have specific permissions.

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How to take a Secondary Register from the Lessons Dashboard

In order to take a Secondary Register via the Lesson Dashboard, you need to be directly assigned to/associated with a Teaching Class/Tutor Group as the Teacher or Main Teacher. See How to Add Staff to Teaching Classes/Tutor Groups

You will also need to have access to the Teacher Role within your User Account or Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

Once the above steps are in place, you should now arrive on the Lesson Dashboard each time you log in to the MIS. The example screenshots below show the Old Interface for Taking a Register for the New Interface see How to use the New Teachers Dashboard – Secondary

Just above the first panel, there is a dropdown that lets you select which associated group/teaching class you are viewing. If you can’t see your class on this list please contact your system administrator who will need to assign you to the class.

Choose Teaching Class

In the first panel, you will also be able to change which period you are taking the Register for using the period drop down.

Choose Period

Once the associated group and period are selected, you can press Take Register.

This will take you to the Register for the selected group on the period of your choice. Fill in the Attendance and press Save to complete the Register.

Fill in Attendance marks in the yellow column

Take a Secondary Register for another member of Staff

The examples below are for a Secondary School however, the process is the same for Primary. Use this process in the scenario you have been asked to Take a Register for another member of staff. Bromcom will know that you have took the register

From the Overview Tab look for the My Calendar widget and click the More drop down.

My Calendar

Then click the More drop down.

If you know the name of the class you are taking the register for choose Select a Register and choose the Date, Class and Period

Select the Register date, name and period.

If you don’t know the name of the class choose Go to my timetable and select the Teacher you are taking the register for from the drop down.

Select a Register; choose Register Date, Class Code and Period.

Go to my timetable; choose the Teacher from the drop down and click on the Class to Take the Register.

User Timetable

Take a Primary Register with Dinners

Below is the Default View for Primary School Registers.

When a present mark is entered against a Student then the Meal Type with populate automatically with the Meal Pattern assigned to that Student for that day.

See How to Update Meal Patterns

Note: When AM Registration is taken, if the entered Attendance Code has a Cancelled meaning (i.e. COVID codes) the Student’s Meal Type will automatically change to Absent.

Once the correct Attendance Codes are entered for the Students, ensure you are also happy with their Meal Types before confirming them.

Confirmed Meal Types can be amended if needed via Modules>Dinner>Reset Dinner Numbers. See How to Reset Dinner Numbers

Take a Secondary Register with Dinners

Below is the Default View for Secondary Schools Registers.

The icons to the right of the Student names are User Defined Flags.

See: How to Create User Defined Flags.

Updated on April 2, 2024

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