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How to Book a Club or a Trip

Note: All pages below are dependent on what Settings and Configurations have been set by the school.

The Clubs & Trips available for booking will be displayed on the Dashboard.

Selecting a Club or Trip  and clicking on it will open the Club/Trip details page where you will then be able to book it. Select the Sessions to be booked and click on the Enrol button.

Confirmation message will be given stating how many Sessions have been booked and the overall cost.

Clicking on the Proceed button will add the Student to the Club with a Negative Balance.

Click the Add to Basket button to make payment for the Sessions.

Enter the Amount to be paid and click on the Add to Basket button. This amount will now be added to the Shopping Basket, when finished click on the Shopping Basket option and go to the Checkout to make the payment. Once Checkout has been completed the Student will be added to the Club list.

The payment method can also be a Fixed payment where all of the Sessions are paid for with one payment and there is no option to pick particular Sessions. In this case the full Amount will be displayed and will be due.

When the Checkout has been competed a message will be given.

Updated on September 20, 2021

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