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How to Take a Register from Groups

Use this guide to Take Register from the Groups page, this process could be used in the event a teacher is unable to access their dashboard and has sent a paper copy of the register to office staff.

Access: the minimum permissions required to access the Groups page is found in the Framework>Groups module from Config> Set Up>Roles and Permissions.


See also How to Take a Register and for accessing Blank Register reports see 12 Must Try Attendance Reports

From the left click on Groups, for a Secondary School this will open by default showing Teaching Classes, for a Primary School the page will open with Tutor Groups.

The examples below are taken from a Secondary School database.


From the top right Group Type drop down select the required Group Type, in the example below have chosen a Teaching Class.

Choose Group Type

In the top right Search Names box we have started to type in the name of the Teaching Class, you can scroll down to choose the Group if required.

Search and Select Group

Then click on the Group Name (this will highlight pale blue)

Then from the Actions drop down select Take Register

Click on Group Name>Actions>Take Register

The Register will then load as normal, the system will know that the Register has been taken by the user who is accessing the Register in the example the user is different than the Teacher or Tutor of the class/’group.

Updated on January 9, 2024

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