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How to Configure the Diary Module

Note: All pages below are subject to having the relevant Roles and Permissions.

Diary Administrators can use this guide to;

  • Configure the Diary Module
  • Manage Room Exclusions
  • Manage Event Types
  • Manage Time Picker Times

See also Diary for other guides and Office 365 Integration Guide for information on how to configure your MIS Diary to Office 365.

From the Home Screen choose Config>Diary>Configurations

Diary Configurations Pathway

Configure the Diary Module

Use this function to Limit Booking Requests to a specific number of days, Automatically Allocate Room Booking and Equipment Requests and Disable the Recurrence Option for Booking Requests.


Limit Booking Requests: Tick to make the number of days editable.

Limit to 7 days

For example, Limit Booking Requests to 7 days will mean that staff will be unable to make booking requests for Equipment or Rooms for more than 7 days in advance. Note: This does not affect Parents Evening Bookings.

Click Save.

Automatically Allocate Room and Equipment Bookings. Tick this to ensure all Room and Equipment Booking Requests are automatically allocated. Unticking this option will give the choice of declined or authorised on the Status drop down when making a new Request.

Automatically Allocate

Click Save.

Disable Recurrence Options for Booking Requests in School Diary page.

Disable Recurrence Option

Ticking this option will Disable the Recurrence Option when accessing the School Diary Page and selecting either New Room Booking or New Equipment Booking.

School Diary

Click Save.

Manage Room Exclusions

Use the guide to exclude Rooms from being booked in Room, Equipment, Events and Parents Evening Requests. This can be used if for example a room is out of use.

Note: The Rooms visible with Room Exclusions are created and managed within Config>Administration>Rooms.

From the Home Screen choose Config>Diary>Configurations to view the Manage Room Exclusions Panel.

Room Exclusions Panel

Click New to create a new Room Exclusion.

New Room Exclusion
Add Room Exclusion

Type the Room Name(s) into Room Name Box.

Select at least one exclusion, in this example Annex 2 has been excluded from Room, Equipment and Event Requests but is still available for use for Parents Evenings.

Click Save.

Click Edit or Delete to Edit or Delete a selected Room Exclusion.

Edit or Delete a Selected Room

Click Save if editing any information.

Manage Event Types

An Event Type must be completed when making a New Event booking from the School Diary Page. Choose the Audience within an Event Type to define who can see a certain Event Type.

School Diary – New Event

From the Home Screen choose Config>Diary>Configurations to view the Manage Event Types Panel.

Event Types

Click New to Create a New Event Type or choose an Event and Edit to Edit an existing Event Type.

Select New

In the example above when choosing the Audience be aware that when selecting Staff this means all Staff will be able to view all Events that have the type Governor Meeting as an Event Type.


  • If you want Event Types to show on MyChildAtSchool you need to select Parents in Audience
  • If you want Event Types to show on the Student Portal you need to select Students in Audience
  • Selecting All in Audience will mean this Event Type is visible to EVERYONE All Staff, All Students and All Parents

Complete the Event Type Name, Description, Colour, Tick to make Active and Audience.

Click Create.

Time Picker Times

Use this function to add times visible when making booking requests within the Diary Module.

From the Home Screen choose Config>Diary>Configurations to view the Time Picker Times Panel.

Type the time into the Add New Time (noting the format) and click Add.

Add a Time

To Delete a Time select the Time from the list and click Delete.

Delete a Time

To Edit a Time select the Time from the list and click on the pencil icon on the right hand side.

Edit a Time

Edit the Time and Click the Green Tick to Save.

Time Saved Successfully.

Updated on April 12, 2024

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