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How to Create a Parents Evening

Access: The permissions required to create a Parents Evening are found in the Diary Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions. Each tick box on the right determines what can be seen/accessed on the page by users with the Role you are editing.

In this guide, we will show you how to create a new Parents Evening which Parents can book on to via MCAS.

See also: How to Configure Parents Evenings in MCAS and How to Parents book appoints in MCAS.

To Begin, go to Modules>Diary>Parents Evenings.

You will then see the following screen, which will display any previously created Parents Evenings.

To create a new one, press New.

There are four core sections to a Parents Evening, which will be explained in detail below;

  • Parents Evening Details
  • Event Scope
  • Event Location
  • Interview Allocation Rules

There are also three additional areas which will be covered;

  • Further options
  • Manage Bookings
  • Auto Allocate

Parents Evening Details

This section is where you would set the Name, Date and Booking Availability etc for the Parents Evening.

Note: If you do not want Parents to be alerted that a Parents Evening has been created, untick the Send Push Notification button at the bottom of this section BEFORE you proceed.

Event Scope

This next section is where you would outline which Students the Parents Evening is available for, which Staff members the interviews are with and how long the interviews will last.

Below is a workable example where ;

  • Only Year 11 was selected, meaning only Year 11 Students will be available.
  • Only 5 Classes within Year 11 have been selected.
  • The interviews are with those Class Teachers and will last for 15 mins each.

The Year Group scope will mean that whichever Year Group you select, only Students from that Year Group will be available.

If you select Subject Groups, only Students who are taking the chosen Subject will be available.

The Interviews are also crucial, you must select the correct option based on which Staff type the MIS provides for the type of Group you selected.

  • For example, if you choose Class Groups, then you need Class Teacher or Main Teacher in the Interview section.
  • If you have choose Tutor Groups, then you need to select Form Tutor.

Note: If no Appointments generate, it is likely because this section is incorrect or the combination is not compatible.

Event Location

This section offers you two options, it is down to you/your Staff which one you select;

Individual Rooms – This means that the interviews will take place in the Room that is Timetabled for the Class/Group.

Communal Space – Allows you to select a designated Room where all interviews will take place at their allocated times.

Interview Allocation Rules

Lastly is the Interview Allocation Rules section, which also provides two options;

Sibling interviews are allocated – If the Class/Group contains Siblings, you can set out that they will share an interview (Together) or that they will each have their own interview (Independently).

Multiple parental attendees are allocated – If both Parents are attending Parents Evening for their Child, you can set out that they either share an interview (Together) or that they can both book their own interview (Independently).

If you select either option as Together, an additional section will appear below.

This section allows you to Add the Students who either have a Sibling they will share an interview with, or Students for which both Parents will be attending the interview for.

This way, Staff know that the Students in this section will either share an interview or to expect both Parents.

Once you have completed all four sections to your desired settings, scroll back to the top of the page and press Create.

Once completed, the Parents Evening will now appear on the Parents Evenings page.

Further options;

If needed, you can then select the Parents Evening and press Actions which provides you with further five options;

  • Manage Bookings – Allows you to manually manage any Bookings and to mark some Appointments as unavailable (perhaps to reserve for non MCAS users or to give Staff a break).
  • Outstanding Bookings – Allows you to view any Outstanding Bookings beyond the deadline.
  • Auto Allocate – This will randomly allocate each Student to an AppointmentPlease use with Caution as this can overwrite existing Bookings.
  • Reset Allocations – Removes all existing Bookings.
  • Send meeting invites – Allows you to send meeting invites to Parents (Only for use with an Online/Virtual Parents Evening).

The most useful section will be Manage Bookings.

Manage Bookings

This area allows you to manage the Bookings for any/all Staff or Auto Allocate the interviews for them if required.

Lastly and crucially, if there is an interview time that a Teacher cannot commit to or work beyond, right click on it and press Set as Not Available.

This means it cannot be booked and will not appear as available for Parents to try and book.

Once any interviews have been set as Not Available and the Parents Evening is available on MCAS, Parents can book it through MCAS.

When a Parent is on MCAS, they need to select Parents Evening from the side Menu.

This will provide them with either a Manual or Quick Book option to secure their interview.

They would then choose their preferred time from the ones available and either request or confirm that time.

Auto Allocate

As stated earlier in the guide, Auto Allocate will randomly allocate each Student to an Appointment for the select Teacher and Parents Evening.

Important Note: If used, Auto Allocate WILL OVERWRITE any existing Bookings so please use this with caution.

Updated on November 10, 2022

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