How to Create MyChildatSchool User Accounts

In this guide, we will show you how to create MCAS (MyChildAtSchool) User Accounts. These User Accounts are then used by Parents/Contacts to view their children’s data through the MCAS App or Website.


  • From the side menu, go to the Others page and ensure you do not have duplicate records for any Parents/Contacts see: Duplicate MCAS User Accounts.
  • If you have Staff with children at your School, you must create a separate Contact Record for these Staff, do not link their MCAS Account to their Staff Record. They must exist on the system as Contacts to link with MCAS successfully.

Access: The minimum permissions required to follow this guide are found in the MCAS Module of Config>Setup>Roles & Permissions.

See also: How To Manage MyChildAtSchool User Accounts.

To begin, go to Modules>MCAS>User Accounts.

Any existing User Accounts will be listed on the page.

To create New User Accounts, press New.

This opens up User Account Creation which offers a radio button with three choices;

  • Select Students – Provides a list of the Students that are not linked to an MCAS Account.
  • Select Contacts – Provides a list of the Contacts that are not linked to an MCAS Account.

For the first time creating User Accounts, Select Students is fine. With the Radio Button on Select Students, tick at least one Student in the list and press Next.

Note: to create User Accounts for Pre Admission Groups, type Pre in the Search field to see Students with a Pre Admission Number or sort by the Admission Number column.

Complete the following options:

  • Manual or Auto: As we are creating several Accounts at the same time, we select the Auto radio button. If we want to create Accounts for only one Student we would select Manual.
  • Contact priority level and Parental Responsibility: These options allow you to filter the list of Contacts so that only Contacts of a certain Priority or with Parental Responsibility are eligible to have an MCAS Account created for the selected Student(s).
  • Access and Show Student Details: These tick boxes are located in the far left and far right columns within the table. Access allows the Contact to see the Student on MCAS, Show Student Details allows the Contact to see the Student’s personal details on MCAS.

User Accounts can be managed post creation if you need to make changes.

When you’ve made your selections and are happy with the Contacts that will have User Accounts created, click Generate.

Once you press Generate, you will receive a success notification and you will see a list of the Contacts who now have an MCAS Account.

You have option to send their Invitation Codes via Email from this screen, as well some Grid Actions which allow you to export the list of Contacts if needed.

The following Email will be sent to the Contacts that you have created User Accounts for, providing they have an Email Address in their Contact Details.

If you do not wish to send the Invitation Code Emails straight away, you can do this later.

Simply return to Modules>MCAS>User Accounts and with the radio button on Select Contacts, select the desired Contacts and press Action>Send Invitation Code Email.

To manually create and send an Email containing the Invitation Code/credentials to the Contacts, please see: How to Send an SMS or Email from Bromcom.

Updated on December 14, 2022

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