How to use the MCAS App

Access: While the MCAS app is for parents, staff can also use it for testing purposes or if they have children at a school themselves.

In order to access the MCAS App, you need to download it from the app/play store on your phone, you need to also have an MCAS User Account created at the school.

When you first download the MCAS App on to your phone you will get a pop up asking if you want to allow notifications.

Allow Notifications

In this guide, Parents will be shown how they can use the MCAS App to carry out various tasks, such as;

  • General Browsing
  • Adding and Switching Accounts
  • Signing up to a Club
  • Data Collection Form
  • Dinner Menu

See also: MCAS Parent Guide

This guide works on the basis that your School has already created User Accounts and Parents have started redeeming their Invitation Codes/Usernames.

Within MCAS there are two Menus, the side Menu which is accessed by pressing the three horizontal lines on the top left of the App.

The second Menu is along the bottom of the App and has five fixed options which take you to different areas of the App. Use these Menus to navigate around the App.

In this screen recording, every Module/Page within the MCAS App is opened to give you a feel for how MCAS works.

In this screen recording, you are shown how to Redeem an Invitation Code, Add and Account and Switch to another Account within the MCAS App.

In this screen recording, you are shown how to sign up to a Club and pay for it via an Offline Purchase.

In this screen recording, you are shown how to use the Data Collection Form to request/submit changes to your child’s details.

In this screen recording, you are shown how to select Dinner options from a Dinner Menu.

Updated on March 23, 2023

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