How to Deactivate Old MCAS Accounts

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MyChildAtSchool Administrators can use this guide to de-activate old accounts, this could be used as part of the End of Year Process.

See also MyChildAtSchool for other guides.

Note: there is functionality to configure Automatic Removal of Parent(s) once all associated students are off roll. This can be done from Config>MyChildAtSchool>General Settings and select Yes for Automatic Removal of Parent(s) when all associated students are off roll.

Click Save.

Automatic Removal

From the Home Screen choose Modules>MyChildAtSchool>User Accounts.

User Accounts Pathway.

The User Account Maintenance page defaults to Select Students, change to Select Contacts if required. Use the top right Search Box to search by any of the column headers in the list.

User Account Maintenance
Multiple Accounts Selected

Select a single or multiple accounts and click Deactivate.

Updated on May 30, 2023

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