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How to run the School Summary Report

Use this guide to run the School Summary Report, if comparing the data in this report with other reports please ensure the date ranges and selected cohorts match.

Access: the permissions required to access the School Summary Report are found in the Administration>Reports module from Config>Set Up> Roles and Permissions


See also Attendance Reports

From the left go to Reports>Administration>School Summary Report


By default the Enter Report Parameters shows as below;

  • The Start and End Dates default to the start of your academic year and the end date yesterday.
  • You can choose to Include Leavers, Statutory Age Only and Filter to Specific Year Groups as required.
  • Tick or deselect the Sections to include as per your requirements

When you are happy with your selections click Preview to run the report

Report parameters

Below is an example of a School Summary Report to download

Updated on June 21, 2023

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