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How to view Admissions/Data Collection Forms in MCAS

Parents can use this guide to access and complete Admissions Forms or Data Collection Forms for their children via MyChildAtSchool (MCAS)

Before You Start

  • Throughout this guide the parent portal MyChildAtSchool is referred to as MCAS.
  • The online Admission Form/Data Collection Form covered in this guide is configured by your school, your school will have defined what information relating to your child and your personal details you can view, edit and in addition some fields may be set as required which means you have to complete them if they are blank or check/amend them if they are incorrect.
  • IMPORTANT The screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may differ from what you see for your child.
  • In addition your school may have attached document(s) for you to download and confirm you have read and understood from MCAS as well.
  • This guide looks at accessing the parent portal from a desktop view.

See also How to use the MCAS Parent Portal

Access the Admission/Data Collection Form

To begin lets log onto MCAS from a desktop computer

From the left hand menu click on Admission Form or Data Collection Form

Admission Form
Data Collection Form

Your school may have added the tab for Admission Form for certain year groups for example new Year 7 students. If you have more than one child at a school for example, you have one child in Year 7 and one child in Year 11 then when accessing the Year 11 student you may see Data Collection Form instead of Admission Form on the left menu choices.

Required Fields and Documents

The screen will change and at the top of the screen there is a message on filling in the form, how details will be updated and a note that fields marked with an asterisk* are ‘required’ fields.

Required Fields and Documents

Also in this example the school has attached a document and asked parents to acknowledge they have read and understood the document before submitting the form.

*Your school may not have set any fields as required and may not have attached any documents or set them for parents to ‘acknowledge’

Student Details

Now lets look at the Student Details Panel

In this example the school has defined what Student Details parents can see and in addition has also defined that the 3 fields Telephone Details, Email Details and Address Details must be completed ( marked with * asterisk)

Student Details Panel

In the example the Address Details field is already complete so if this is correct you wouldn’t need to change anything.

In this example the parent has completed the Telephone Details and Email Details panel, note they have added 2 phone numbers one for Home and one for Mobile plus an Email address

Telephone and Email Details

All the other fields in the Student Details Panel are set to View Only so in this example you can’t amend these details.

Once you are happy with the information in the Student Details panel click Submit Changes in the top left corner of the screen.

Submit Changes

Once your school has approved the Student Details you have submitted they will show on the Student Details panel, as per the message at the top of the screen.

Submitted Changes Message

Personal Details and Adding Contacts

To view or edit your Personal Details with the option to add Contacts click on View Your Personal Details.

View Personal Details

Please note your school will have set what fields you can see, edit and some fields marked with an * asterisk may be set as required.

The screenshots below are for illustration purposes only and may differ to your view dependant on how your school has configured MCAS.

Follow the same process as you did for the Student Details panell

Personal Details

For adding Additional Contacts in this example the school has set the following;

Additional Contacts Message

If required click Add Another Contact

Add Another Contact

As before fill in the required fields, again the screen below may differ from your screen dependant on how your school has configured MCAS

Once you are happy with the details click Add

Contact Details

Please note adding an additional contact does not create an MCAS account for that person its simply adding a contact to the childs record.

You then have the option to Edit or Delete the Contact you have just added.

Edit or Delete

Finally, once you are happy with the information click Submit Changes to complete the process.

Submit Changes
Updated on April 2, 2024

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