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How to view Parental Consent in MCAS

Parents can use this guide to view/give/revoke Parental Consent in the desktop version of MCAS (MyChildAtSchool)

The example screenshots in this guide are for illustration purposes only and may vary from your view as your school configures your MCAS Dashboard

See also How to login and use the MCAS Parent Portal and How to reset MCAS Password

The Parental Consent option is accessible only from the Menu Bar on the MCAS Dashboard

Menu Bar

It displays the Parental Consent options for the Student. Tick the radio buttons to give or revoke Consent for information or images of the Student to be used within each of the options.

Example Parental Consent

Your schools controls whether you can revoke consent or not. In the example you are not able to revoke consent the Parental Consent panel will look similar to the one below

Unable to revoke Consent
Updated on March 28, 2024

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