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How To Maintain the Performance Management Line Management Structure

This page is for the maintenance of the Line Management Structure for the Performance Management [CPD] option.

Access: the minimum permissions require to access Line Management Structure is found in the Administration Module from Config>Setup>Roles and Permissions


Also See: How To Use the Performance Management Page [CPD Continuing Professional Development]

From the left Menu go to Modules > Administration > Performance Management > Line Management and Staff Units


Both the Line Managers and Direct Reports can be added here without having to open each Member of Staff’s page individually. Select the Member of Staff from the dropdown list.

Staff Member Selection Dropdown

From here you can view the selected Staff Member’s Direct Reports.

Line Management Structure

You can Add a new Line Manager, or Direct Report by clicking on the Staff Member to select them and then selecting the + symbol in the top right corner.

Select Staff Member
Add Options

You will then be prompted to select the staff member you would like to add as the new Line Manager/Direct report and enter the Start Date and End Date (if known – the End Date is not required), once you are happy the information is correct, press Save.

Add new Line Manager/Direct Report

Any Direct Reports added will display in the Line Management Structure Section. Line Managers will not display as this page displays only the Line Management Structure beneath the selected Staff Member.

You can also remove Direct Reports by clicking on the Direct Report you would like to remove once to highlight them, then selecting the Bin icon in the top right hand corner.

Remove Direct Report

You will then see a Warning Message, if you are sure you would like to remove the Direct Report, click Proceed.

Warning Message

For a more complex structure Direct Reports and Line Managers can be added to other Direct Reports and Line Managers. All Direct Reports and Line Managers added here will display for that Staff Member on their Performance Management page.

Updated on December 11, 2023

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